Website Creator Tips and Tricks

Website CreatorWe agreed to accept submission published over the internet because of the partnership with the Japanese side. Internet is the fastest way of communicating in such long distance. On the other hand, we want to let this material at the disposal of anyone curious about this educational exchange program. Moreover, we want to highlight the multicultural values this program can create, even for the non Japanese oriented school. Diversity in education has its benefits for the student’s future.

Our first advice will be to include this project’s material on the school’s website, if possible. The content about student’s activities outside the schools curricula should be highlighted, because the people that put effort into these activities need to be given as good examples. The headmaster or headmistress should allow the publication of the material produced within the Japanese Educational Challenge. This is the fastest way to make visible the name of the participant school.

If you choose to design your website from scratch, the recommendation is to do it with a free design template, downloaded from the internet. We believe that most of the time should be spend on the material quality and the documentation of the results; unless, the theme itself is to design a webpage that illustrate the Japanese principles.

A blog is the quick solution. With all the free interfaces and tutorials available, it is easy to make it look like a website. In addition, the domain is free of charge and different users can be allowed to post articles.

Everyone knows how to set-up a social media profile. The benefit of this choice is the interaction behind it. It can accept posts from different users and comments will be live. We hope that you will choose the appropriate solution for you skills, but also adequate to the presentation material you will include within.