Topic Generator on Japanese Culture

Japanese CultureThe Japanese culture includes traditions like geisha, samurai, tea ceremony, Japanese gardens and kimonos.

Geisha are best known as female traditional entertainers that sing, dance, play traditional music with traditional instruments and can capture the interest of their guests with interesting conversations. They wear Kimono as traditional clothing. Each event has a different Kimono style, in a color that best represents the event. From the casual to the wedding style, Kimonos are supplemented with exquisite jewelry, hair pieces and special footwear.

They usually work in a tea house, playing an important role in the tea ceremony. They are educated from an early age on all the steps to be followed in such formal events.

The Koto is one of the most sophisticated Japanese traditional musical instrument. It sounds like a harp, but the looks of it are different.

Samurai were a traditional class of warriors, being the only men allowed to carry two swords. The men part of this warrior class were usually committed to a single leader. Japanese architecture is very close to the traditional Chinese pagoda roof style. As in the European culture, their castles were playing a key to the life of the ancient cities.

Sumo, kendo and karate are all traditional sports in the Japanese Culture. They all blend different skills, like bravery or balance. Sumo reminds of a match between the gods. Kendo is more of a noisy martial art, with bamboo swords. Karate is known to the European civilization. It is a combat style with spectacular movements. Aikido is focused on the defense and the redistribution of energy of the attacker. Judo is about speed, subtlety and using the power of the opponent against themselves.

On the artistic side, there is manga, the Japanese way of drawing big eyed characters and anime, animations of these characters. Kabuki is the art of extravagant theater.