This site exists because we want to promote a different type of education among schools in the UK. We believe that early education of the children into very different cultures can open up their appetite for new, assimilation of information, curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Children are easier to form at an early age. This is the reason we set up the rules for the children in the primary and secondary school.

We just want to know about the creative ways you use to wake up interest in teaching your students about the Japanese Culture. It is important that you get over stereotype and present a rich culture with its unique content to your students. Just make a website, a blog or a social media page and let us know what the little people in your class are doing to know more about the Japanese culture. We appreciate all the efforts invested in educational purposes!

We believe in the value of linking together all the school that promote Japanese culture. Together we can built a multicultural bridge and embrace the multi-layered and complex system that Japan has been developing for thousands of years. We organised this content to produce awareness and curiosity for the Asian culture. Although at the beginning it might seem strange and a bit different from the Europeans, soon children will become more and more interested in the facts and traditional customs from the other side of the Globe. Let us know about your methods and results.