Rules for Submissions

Rules for SubmissionsWith our educational challenge, we want to get beneath the surface of a culture’s perception and encourage school to release packs of information to their students. The most creative way of presenting the Japanese culture to a class will be rewarded with prizes in cash, materials for the school and a full day spent in the presence of the ambassador of Japan in the UK. The winning team will have the chance to enrich their experience and understanding of Japan.

What are the rules of the educational challenge?

1. The contest is open to any class of students in the primary and secondary school from the UK. It is not compulsory that the class has Japanese language or culture lessons.

2. We want to see the most creative way of introducing this beautiful culture to a class. The projects can be about Japan Day, a trip to Japan or other related student works on topics like religion, sports, food, drinks, manga and anime, geisha, Japanese garden, theater or samurai. The choice belongs to the teacher.

3. The project can be part of any class: literature, drawing or painting, geography, history.

4. A member of the staff is to built up a social media, blog or website about the activities that happen in the class, or outside with the students.

5. The school has to agree about the participation in the challenge. The school’s website is to be integrated in the presentation page that will be registered for the competition.

6. The website, blog or social media page has to display the name of the school in a visible area, so that the voters in the contents can easily recognize it.

7. The content of the presentation has to be original.

8. The students that appear in the pictures have to sign the agreement to appear on the materials we will publish.

9. The presentation can be in any format: video, pictures, text (if essays will be submitted to the contest).