Judging Criteria for Our Educational Challenge

Judging CriteriaWe value creativity and uniqueness in the ways of teaching. The judges are members of the Japanese Community in the UK. They will analyse closely all the entries in the competition and will give ranking according to a table with the following criteria:

1. Originality of the presentation, in website, blog or social media page, value: 20 points.

Time spend for the design of the presentation page will be rewarded with 20 points. It is not easy to put together a nicely done website, blog or social media page. Communicating clearly the message intended to the visitors of the page will be highly appreciated.

2. The clarity of the ideas or messages transmitted to the children, value: 20 points.

Judges will look at the quality of the work and the effort the teacher or group of teachers put in the presentation the Japanese context to the students or the class. Japanese culture is all about minimalist, simplicity and we want to see how the complicated arts and habits are explained to children of all ages.

3. The positivity of the presentation message about the Japanese culture, value: 20 points.

We want to teach our children lessons about the positive aspects of the Japanese culture. Although some of the customs have a tragic root, we want to see a positive presentation over this culture, even if some are born in sorrow.

4. The quality of the materials in the presentation, value: 20 points.

Members of the judging team will have a close look at the materials used in the educational purposes. They will check the originality of the materials, their visual and contextual quality. Accuracy and compliance with the original Japanese arts, traditions will be verified too.

5. The group’s reaction to the information, value: 20 points.

Student’s enthusiasm to the participation in the Japanese Educational Challenge will be awarded too. We want to see genuine joy reaction to the learning process.

The highest score a team can have is 100 points. The team with the biggest score will be declared winner.