Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat Can I Submit to the Challenge?

Any subject related to the Japanese Culture can be submitted to the challenge. Take architecture, gardens, food and drinks, traditional clothing, samurai, Kabuki theater, manga and anime, sports or any other aspect from this vast culture.

How Many Students have to Participate in the Japanese Culture Class?

There is not a limit of the students number that can participate in the workshop preparing the contest entry. Starting with just one, up to as how many are in a class or everybody in the school can participate.

Where is Better to Upload the Content?

The content can be uploaded to any on-line website, blog or social media page. The only compulsory information is the name of the school that has to be presented in a visible area. If you feel more confident on building up a blog or a social media page, that is the best solution for your project. If you have the knowledge to make a website, or include it on the school’s website, do it. The best solution is the one that you feel happier working with, the one that you master.

Can I Upload the Content on Several Place on the Internet?

Each submission to the contest should have just one page where the team presents its project. Presentations existent on more than one page are not taken into consideration. It is better to concentrate on making just one good page, whether it is hosted on the school’s website, a website specially made for this activity, a blog or a social media page.

Who Validates the Entries?

The judges will validate all the entries. Before the judges meeting, the technical team in charge of the website will verify all the participants. They will look for plagiarism and if there is just one page for each school’s entry.