Feedback from Participants

“I had great fun learning in the class about the Japanese garden arrangements. I find very interesting the fact that Buddhist monks brought the art of fashioning the garden according to religious principles. It further evolved with the tea ceremony and elements like teahouse, lanterns and stepping stones were introduced to its inner architecture. The minimalism of the Japanese gardens, as we know them today are the result of hundreds of years of different fashion influenced by famous aristocrats and samurai. I am happy that I learned so many new things about a culture that I didn’t know before. Me and my colleagues had great fun working on this project for the Japanese Educational Challenge.”

James, Anglo European School, Essex

Feedback“Learning about the Japanese manga cartoon style in the art class was an unique experience. It was interesting to see how cartoon look like on other continents. We had several screenings with animations from Japan and we liked the way they draw. I wish someday I could be as good at drawing as the Japanese masters.”

Louise, Stanmore Primary School, Winchester

“It felt so good to eat the sushi that we made in our school’s kitchen classes. I tried this food before at the restaurant, with my parents, but I think that the ones we made during our Japanese Educational Week were much delicious. We looked at different documentaries on how noodles and other interesting dishes are made in Japan. I think it is so fascinating to put so much patience and passion into this occupation.”

Kate, Fernhill School, Farnborough

“We did a small theatre piece inspired by the Japanese Kabuki for our participation in the Japanese Educational Challenge participation. It is not easy to be expressive only with movements, with your face covered by the masks the actors wear in the Japanese Theatre. Still, the play was a huge success. All of our parents were very proud of our skill!”

Olivia, Broadstone Middle School, Broadstone