Archive with Past Submissions

Don’t worry if your school profile has nothing to do with the Japanese Language or Culture. We have it all covered for you. In the following lines, you can read the words of the members of the jury about the past submission. We hope it will inspire you.

Archive with Past Submissions“The submission from the Eastington Primary School won the first prize because of the originality of their presentation. They combined several Japanese arts in an unique manner. They combined the art of origami with the Japanese minimal art. The output was excellent, they created mini garden decorations, with the rules from the garden design, but they added origami parts to the stone arrangements.”

“Jane, one of the assistant teachers from the Hightown Junior and Infant School, visited Japan during university and decided to instruct the children. She used materials that she brought with her from Japan, and children were happy to listen to her stories and learn a about the Japanese Traditional Culture.”

“Brian, passionate fan about manga and anime, drawing class teacher at Lister Junior School introduced the children in his classes in the fantastic manga world. He taught the basics of manga drawing, showing in class various magazines and comic books brought specially from the Japanese Cultural Centre.”

“The students from the Woodhouse Academy built their own lacquered wood geta shoes and trained to walk on them. They rented geisha clothes from the Japanese Community members in their town and put together a play called “One day in a Geisha’s life”. The little theatre piece was presented to all the teachers in the school. It was a great success.”

“The Redmoor Highschool was represented by the 5th class in the Japanese Educational Challenge. They worked together to construct the website, which they filled up with pictures from various Japanese culture related activities.”